What Is It?

This amazing little cup is called a Menstrual Cup. It is worn inside the body, low in the vagina. Unlike tampons, the menstrual cup only collects the blood it does not absorb anything which makes the cup very comfortable. Most woman do not even notice the cup! Our menstrual cups are made from medical grade […]

Transform Your Life

    This little cup can transform your life so much that you wonder how you ever did without it! Swimming, hiking, running, playing with the kids, wearing your favorite white skirt are all possible with a menstrual cup! Get rid of cramps, and the terrible possibility of endometriosis which is caused by pads and […]

Colored Lunette Cups Placed on Hold

Lunette has informed all resellers of their cups, that they will be unable to fill orders for colored menstrual cups for the next few months. The Lunette menstrual cup, made in Finland is FDA approved, however the FDA is changing some standards and the colored Lunette cups will be re tested for safety under the […]

Lunette Cynthia Menstrual Cup on SALE!

  We have the Lunette Cynthia cup on SALE! Starting now, until the cups are all sold, receive $10.00 off the original price. Get your Lunette Cynthia cup for $29.99 plus free shipping to the United States. They will go quick so don’t wait, order today! In August we will have the new Lunette Cynthia cup. […]

Prevent Endometriosis (by switching to a menstrual cup)

Endometriosis is a painful, chronic disease which occurs when cells from the lining of the uterus grow outside of the uterus, where they do not belong. This disease affects over 8 million women worldwide and there are many more cases of endometriosis which go undetected. Most women just write off the pain they feel as “a bad […]